About McCullough Group

Mike McCullough started working in the legal field in the mid 1990’s managing a large Plaintiff’s law firm. There, he was exposed to the world of structured settlements and by the year 2000, he decided to make a change. At that time, the structured settlement landscape was very different than it is today and he began providing structures for the defense side as a mechanism to help insurance companies settle cases. However, Mike quickly realized that there was a great need for settlement planners to advise plaintiffs and plaintiffs’ attorneys. Mike then joined with the James Street Group, which was the only company at the time specializing in structured settlements for the plaintiff’s side.

Realizing that Structured Settlements are only one small piece of a larger arena of settlement planning, we have evolved our practice over the years to offer a comprehensive array of financial and settlement options to protect our clients and their futures.

Here at the McCullough Group we are focused on establishing and nourishing life-long relationships with our attorneys and clients. We believe in treating each client’s question or concern, no matter how complex or small, with the same attention and care that we would want paid to our own questions and concerns. It is this personal care and dedication, combined with our expansive knowledge and network of services and experts, that have made us some of the most accomplished Settlement Planners in the industry.