Mike McCullough

Mike McCullough is a Settlement Planner and is affiliated with The Settlement Alliance. Mike works closely with plaintiffs’ attorneys throughout the country to help facilitate lawsuit settlements by offering solutions that benefit all parties involved in the litigation process. His extensive experience enables him to design individualized settlement plans to preserve government benefits while providing for current and future needs of each claimant.
For over 15 years, Mike’s expertise has been successfully utilized in all types of litigation, from small claims to some of the largest and most complex claims in the industry. He is one of only a handful of structured settlement brokers in the nation to be designated as a Court-Appointed Structured Settlement Broker for the BP Deepwater Horizon Settlement.
Many of the Deepwater Horizon claims are taxable, and as such, Mike works with claimants to determine whether to place their recovery in a structured settlement. Consulting closely with the claimant’s CPA, Mike helps determine which structure will provide the most tax advantages for the claimant. Oftentimes, by spreading the income out over a number of years, claimants can possibly remain in a lower tax bracket. Mike also assists with other settlement-related concerns, including government benefit preservation, trust planning, and building safe and secure retirement plans.
Prior to entering the settlement industry, Mike founded GRM Financial, a consulting firm that provided financial management for highly successful individuals and businesses. Mike was also involved in forming Dovetail Financial, a company that provided accounting, computer, and consulting services for small businesses throughout Southern Louisiana. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance from the University of Louisiana.