Over the last 10 or 12 years, the twelve members of our law firm have worked extensively with Mike McCullough in providing us with thorough, expert analysis and information about structured settlements as they may apply to our major personal injury cases.
Over this time, our lawyers and I have found Mr. McCullough to be well-versed, highly analytical and very professional in producing positive results for our clients. Additionally, we can rely on him to be factual and open in all of his dealings.
Mr. McCullough has proven to be a hard worker who has obtained favorable results for us and our clients over these years and has constantly provided our clients with the most advantageous structured settlement options we have seen. Additionally, he has been very responsive and able to provide information in all situations.
As a result, the lawyers in this firm and I heartily recommend Mr. McCullough to any lawyer who is looking for a talented structured settlement expert to analyze their case needs. Should anyone care to discuss this matter with me in greater detail, please feel free to call at any time?