Wcslcy Todd Ball

Settlements in our world have become more and more complicated as a result of new Medicare and Medicaid requirements and defendant number games at mediation.
With this in mind. I would like to recommend the services of Mike McCullough with the James Street Group. The James Street Group is one of the most highly respected structured settlement companies in the country and with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Mike has become my go to” expert for answers to any situation that may arise. Mike has assisted my clients with structured settlements. Medicare Set Asides, Special Needs Trusts, in addition to offering “Out of the Box” solutions to any problems that may arise. Moreover, I enjoy working with Mike due to the fact that he is courteous, prompt and professional in our dealings.
I would highly recommend Mike’s services to any plaintiff’s attorney seeking assistance to maximize your clients recovery and protect their investment. Although not all of my clients have utilized Mike’s services, they all have sincerely appreciated his time, effort and professionalism.
Thank you in advance for allowing him a moment of your time to introduce himself to you.