Kyle W. Farrar

For five years now, I have utilized the services of Mike McCullough for taking care of the financial needs of clients who have received significant sums of money through settlement of their claims. Mike provides our clients with a hands on, personal touch that allows both myself, as well as my clients, to have the confidence that their needs will be taken care of in the future. He always meets with the clients, understands their individual needs, and works out a plan that best suits that particular person. I would recommend Mike to any Plaintiffs’ attorney who needs to provide their clients with the very best in financial options.

Richard C. Broussard

For many years I have used the services of Mike McCullough to handle the needs of my clients when considering and selecting structured settlements in conjunction with the successful resolution of major claims. Mike’s services have been consistently of the highest professional quality. Mike has always provided objective advice without putting “sales” pressure on m y clients. My clients have uniformly expressed appreciation for the services rendered to them by Mike. The James Street Group is an active supporter of our organization. If you have not done so in the past, you should try their services when the need arises.

Robert E. Ammons

For many years my firm has relied upon Mike McCullough to provide our clients with objective information about structured settlements. Mike’s approach has always been very professional, candid and honest.
Mike is very responsive and willing to provide information in all situations. Mike has worked hard to obtain favorable age ratings for our clients and to provide our clients with the best structured settlement options to fit their needs.
I unconditionally recommend Mike McCullough to any lawyer that wants to provide their client with information on a structured settlement.

Aubrey E. Denton

As a practicing Plaintiff’s Attorney structuring settlements for over 30 years, I have worked with numerous Structured Settlement Consultants. Mike McCullough is one of the best Structured Settlement Consultants I have ever dealt with. He is always very well prepared and spends as much time as is necessary to learn the case.
Mike has a very keen intellect across a wide range of legal issues. Mike also has made a difference in the outcome of cases I referred to him prior to settlement.
Not only has Mike proven to be a valuable asset at mediations, but also has been extremely helpful when preparing for mediations. My clients and staff also share my high opinion of Mike both as a professional and as a man of integrity.

Blake R. David

For many years now, we have trusted Mike McCullough to help our clients with their structured settlement needs. Whether it has been helping clients in our most successful cases, prepare for the future or with those clients who need specialized annuities due to government health care obligations. Mike’s extensive knowledge and professional presentation allows my clients to make fully informed decisions.
Mike never pressures the clients and he does a great job of encouraging clients to make financial decisions that best suit their situation. Regardless of their final decisions. My clients are universally appreciative of Mike’s efforts and even appreciate of our firm for the introduction. Lastly, Mike has been particularly helpful in cases involving minor children where he helps parents understand the importance of securing a child’s recovery in an annuity- both to protect the child’s interest until majority and to provide for responsible disbursement thereafter.
I strongly recommend Mike for any structured settlement concerns.


Over the last few years, I have frequently used the services of Mike McCullough of The James Street Group connection with providing my clients additional financial alternatives when their cases settle. My clients have expressed sincere appreciation for the assistance. Mike has given them in helping to plan their future after being seriously injured. I have found Mike’s services to be especially valuable when dealing with court approval of minor’s settlements, Medicaid set asides, and complex settlements in multi-party cases.
Mike and The James Street Group only work for plaintiffs and specialize in helping our clients maximize their recovery over time and protecting their investments. I would recommend them to any attorney who wants to provide their clients with a vast array of options and opportunities at the resolution of their case.


Over the last 10 or 12 years, the twelve members of our law firm have worked extensively with Mike McCullough in providing us with thorough, expert analysis and information about structured settlements as they may apply to our major personal injury cases.
Over this time, our lawyers and I have found Mr. McCullough to be well-versed, highly analytical and very professional in producing positive results for our clients. Additionally, we can rely on him to be factual and open in all of his dealings.
Mr. McCullough has proven to be a hard worker who has obtained favorable results for us and our clients over these years and has constantly provided our clients with the most advantageous structured settlement options we have seen. Additionally, he has been very responsive and able to provide information in all situations.
As a result, the lawyers in this firm and I heartily recommend Mr. McCullough to any lawyer who is looking for a talented structured settlement expert to analyze their case needs. Should anyone care to discuss this matter with me in greater detail, please feel free to call at any time?


I would like to share my positive experience with utilizing the services of Mike McCullough of the James Street Group when providing financial options to my clients in conjunction with settlement of their cases. Mike has never pressured my clients into a decision and has consistently provided objective and informative advice when providing financial alternatives to plan their future. He has assisted my clients with structured settlements, Medicare Set-Asides and Special Needs Trusts in the past, and I plan to use him exclusively in the future. Although not all of my clients have utilized Mr. McCullough’s services, they have all sincerely appreciated his time, effort, and professional manner when providing options during the settlement process.
Also, Mike has always been courteous, prompt and very professional in our dealings, and I would recommend his services to any plaintiff’s attorney seeking assistance to maximize their client’s recovery and protect their investments.

Wcslcy Todd Ball

Settlements in our world have become more and more complicated as a result of new Medicare and Medicaid requirements and defendant number games at mediation.
With this in mind. I would like to recommend the services of Mike McCullough with the James Street Group. The James Street Group is one of the most highly respected structured settlement companies in the country and with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Mike has become my go to” expert for answers to any situation that may arise. Mike has assisted my clients with structured settlements. Medicare Set Asides, Special Needs Trusts, in addition to offering “Out of the Box” solutions to any problems that may arise. Moreover, I enjoy working with Mike due to the fact that he is courteous, prompt and professional in our dealings.
I would highly recommend Mike’s services to any plaintiff’s attorney seeking assistance to maximize your clients recovery and protect their investment. Although not all of my clients have utilized Mike’s services, they all have sincerely appreciated his time, effort and professionalism.
Thank you in advance for allowing him a moment of your time to introduce himself to you.

Christopher Mensman

Over the years I have used various professionals to assist my office in settling complicated workers’ compensation and personal injury claims.  I have used different structured settlement brokers, lien resolution specialists and post-settlement planners with success, but often the communication between those professionals was lacking.  Then I met Philip Cripps.  He has proven to be an excellent settlement planner and the best part is that he is able to coordinate annuities, lien resolutions and post-settlement plans all under one roof.  The communication between those moving parts is now seamless.  Now, when I need the assistance of a settlement planner, I only use Philip.  Time and time again, Philip has obtained great results for my clients!